Leather & Suede Cleaning

Today most leather is made of cattle skin but many exceptions exist. Lamb and deerskin are used for soft leather in more expensive apparel. Deer and elk skin are widely used in work gloves and indoor shoes. Pigskin is used in apparel and on seats of saddles. Buffalo, goats, alligators, snakes, ostriches, kangaroos, oxen, and yaks may also be used for leather.

Even with professional treatment, the leather can react unpredictably and it is not by the fault of the cleaning specialist. Some factors that can cause the leather to change after cleaning include the dyes used by the manufacturer, whether the skin was finished or unfinished or antiqued. Stains: Makeup, Body oils, perspiration, grease, spills, ink stains on leather can be reasonably cleaned.

A badly stained leather garment can be saved by Cleaning and Recoloring. Ink on Leather:

Ballpoint pen ink cannot be removed from painted finishes without removing the surface paint as well.

The solution is: to remove the ink marks, then re-dye or recolor the affected area after ink removal. Color Loss.


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